Emily Bove


Founder & Curator, The Feminist Leadership Project

Executive Director at Batonga Foundation

Emily Bove is a women’s rights advocate and feminist leader focused on building stronger movements, institutions and teams working on gender equality and women’s rights. She is currently a Strategy Advisor for the IDB and the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium, as well as a Senior Fellow at InterAction, where she is focused on feminist leadership in global development. Emily teaches Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity at the University of Maryland.She was previously the Executive Director of Women Thrive Alliance, a global advocacy network of over three hundred grassroots women’s rights and gender equality organizations.

Emily has also worked for institutions like the World Bank, the GIZ, and the ILO. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Political Studies of Lyon, France, and a Master’s in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex, UK. She is the 2018 recipient of the One World Award for Feminist Leadership in International Philanthropy, and a founding member of Cohort 2030.