Dame Stephanie Shirley

Watch her special invitation to SPS 2017!


Morning Sessions 08:30 – 11:45

8:00-8:30  Registration

8:30-8:50  Opening of Plenary

Welcome to the 5th Annual Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium

  • O. Roger Svensson, Founder and Chairman SPS Foundation
  • Per Josefsson, Josefsson Foundation and Member of the SPS Advisory Board
  • Linda Hedström Eriksson, Facilitating Moderator

8:50-9:50  Are Swedes Overcoming Their Indifference to Philanthropy?
The role of charity and philanthropy has been limited in Sweden, overshadowed by the growth of the welfare state, which put a premium on financing through taxes over private giving and on tax-funded social rights over charity and nonprofit ventures. Today, however, there is growing interest in charity, philanthropy, foundations, and non-profit organizations and the role they might play both to deepen democratic life and serve as innovators. Speakers: Lars Trägårdh, Professor Director, Ersta Sköndal Guest Scholar Program in Philanthropy Studies, Maribel Morey, Andrew Carnegie Fellow and Assistant Professor, Clemson University, and Dr. Noomi Weinryb, Researcher Philanthropy and Public Policy at Uppsala and Södertörn Universities. Read Speaker’s Bios here.

9:50  Coffee Break

10:10-10:45  Keynote Speaker: Dame Stephanie Shirley (via video conference)
An increasing number of women are engaging in philanthropy, often with a desire to tackle gender issues. Dame Stephanie Shirley is one of them. At 83, this fascinating woman travels the world to share her unique life story at the crossroads of history, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Dame “Steve” is one of Britain’s top five most generous givers and her Foundation has given away roughly 87 million USD to support pioneering projects. Those who attended the very first SPS in 2012 may recall her speech that captivated the entire venue to a point where it was possible to hear a pin drop. Dame Steve holds the honorary title of The British Government’s Founding Ambassador for Philanthropy. Moderator: Tonika Hirdman, Secretary General Fondation de Luxembourg. Read Speaker’s Bio here.

10:45-11:45  Parallel Session and Skill-Building Sessions

I: Digital is Changing Everything – Including Philanthropy
Digitization is changing every industry, from health, to communication to finance. Big Data can be used to gain new insights and Artificial Intelligence can make smarter decisions. Adoption of digital solutions can (if you do them right) also be incredibly fast. It took 38 years for the radio to reach 50 million users – Pokémon Go did it in 19 days. What is the latest development in technology and how can it used in philanthropy? Join us for a discussion with case studies and bring your own examples! Speakers: Daniel Akenine, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Sweden and Mathias Strand, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft Western Europe. Read Speaker’s Bio here.

II: What Are the Trends and Lessons Learned for Philanthropy Advisors and the New Generation of Philanthropists?  
Creating impact for colleagues, clients and charities. Philanthropy advice is on the rise. Numerous private banks have started their own philanthropy services and the number of high net worth individuals that is interested in giving strategically is growing. The Netherlands has a long tradition of joining forces and together with UBS, and ABN AMRO, we will discuss how to share best practices, new perspectives and research results to improve insights in philanthropy. Speakers: Jasmijn Melse, Philanthropy Advisor, ABN AMRO MeesPierson (private banking branch), Silvia Bastante de Unverhau, Global UHNW – Head of Philanthropy Advisory, UBS. Moderator: Jacqueline Detiger, Beter Geven Advisory Services, Netherlands.  Read Speaker’s Bio here.

11:45  Lunch Break

Afternoon Sessions 13:00 – 17:00

13:00-13:10  Christine Batruch, Director of the Lundin Foundation, will present a chronology of the Lundin Foundation’s approach to philanthropy – from “spray and pray” grant-making to a narrowed focus on innovative, market-based solutions capable of solving complex social and environmental challenges at scale. Read Speaker’s Bio here                        13:10-13:40  In the Spotlight: Philanthropic Advice for Celbrity Influencers 
Sarah Adolphson, the Artemis Agency, will discuss the long history of celebrity support for philanthropic activities. An advisor to world-class talent such as Lady Gaga, Bono, and basketball star Kobe Bryant, she will cover the pitfalls of working with celebrities and provide tools for finding and securing a celebrity spokesperson for nonprofit organizations. Speaker’s Bio here

13:40-14:15  The Art of Giving
Fireside chat: A fireside chat on the art of giving and compassionate capitalism. Companies often view philanthropy as an afterthought and this conversation will explore what an integrated corporate philanthropy policy looks like. Speakers: Susan McPherson, Philanthropist, CEO, McPherson Strategies, Suzanne DiBianca, Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations and Chief Philanthropy Officer at Salesforce. Susan and Suzanne will discuss the role companies should play in social change. Read Speaker’s Bios here.

14:15-15:00  Entrepreneurship as a Successful Component in Philanthropy
This panel addresses the broad spectrum of the social impact arenas – from CSR to social entrepreneurship and the complex challenges of today’s demand for new “business models for social impact.” Suzanne DiBianca, Salesforce, will be joined by Niklas Adalberth,Founder, Norrsken Foundation, Bjorn Almér, Barista Fair Trade Coffee, and Soledad Piñero Misa, Founder and CEO Retoy. Read Speaker’s Bios here.

15:00  Coffee Break 15:15-16:20  Flag Bearers of Sustainable Development Goals: Who to Partner with to Achieve Sustainable Development

Not all foundations are viable development partners. yet, many are and can greatly contribute to achieving the SDGs. This panel will reflect on the modalities of international and Swedish philanthropy’s support to development, especially at times of rising inequality and risks of ‘deglobalization’. Speakers: Bathylle Missika, Senior Counsellor OECD Development Centre, Michael Kocher, CEO, Aga Khan Foundation (UK), Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Chair of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee. Susanna Gable, Chief Economist, Sida, Leif Waller, Partner International Development Advisory Services, KPMG Kenya.  Moderator: Adrienne Klasa, Editor, Financial Times. Read Speaker’s Bios here.

16:20-16:50  Inside Government Policy: Igniting Change and Innovation
Philanthropy must be boosted in Sweden. New challenges, new tools and new methods are spurring philanthropists and their advisors on to develop innovative initiatives for a better society. Philanthropy is becoming ever more diverse and increasingly accessible, and now forms an integral part of the advantages of our societies. But barriers, threats and areas of improvement remain.  Speakers: Dan Olofsson, Founder Star for Life, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Gunilla Carlsson, former Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, and Tove Lifvendahl, Writer, Speaker and Political Editor in Chief, Svenska Dagbladet. Read Speaker’s Bios here.16:50-17:00  Closing Remarks and Acknowledgments