Welcome Remarks:
Susanna Pettersson, Director General, Nationalmuseum
Emily Bove, Lead Moderator, SPS 2019
Short video about SPS throughout the years.

Session 1 (9:00-12:00) Aligning Purpose and Leadership in Philanthropy

Keynote: Nadine B. Hack, CEO, beCause Global Consulting and Senior Advisor, Global Citizens Circle

Lightning Talk #1:
On how purpose led the First Lady Michelle Obama to build a global network dedicated to girls’ education
Tiffany Drake, Executive Director, Global Girls Alliance/Obama Foundation

Lightning Talk #2:
On how one entire sector (the wedding industry) can align and come together behind one purpose (ending child marriage)
Tara Abrahams, Managing Director, VOW to End Child Marriage

Break – Networking Time (30 mins)

Panel #1:
How philanthropy is and could be leading the way in reaching our global purpose of ending gender inequality
Tiffany Drake, Executive Director, Global Girls Alliance/Obama Foundation
Tara Abrahams, Managing Director, VOW to End Child Marriage
Brandee Butler, Head of Gender Justice and Human Rights, C&A Foundation
Moderator: Emily Bove 

Lightning Talk #3:
The world’s largest art project for charity.
Filip Cederholm, Founder, ABC Charity

Lunch 12:00 – 13:30

Session 2 (13:30-17:00) Digital tools for digital-era philanthropy: Exploring new frontiers. 

Keynote: Hélène Barnekow, GM, Microsoft Sweden

Lighting Talk #4:
On how AddTruly is bridging philanthropy for social impact by leveraging digital platforms
Anna Urombi, Co-founder & CEO, AddTruly

Panel #2:
The new frontiers of digital-era philanthropy: What we need to know.
Phil Chow, Co-founder and CEO, Humanitas
Lucy Bernholz, Director, Digital Civil Society Lab; Sr. Research Scholar, Stanford PACS
Vincent Richardson, International CTO, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies

Break – Networking Time (30 mins)

Lucy Bernholz, Director, Digital Civil Society Lab, Sr. Research Scholar, Stanford PACS

Lightning Talk #5:
On his quest to align AI and philanthropy for newer generations
Phil Chow, Co-founder & CEO, Humanitas

Fireside Chat:
On the momentum and opportunity of impact investment
Jennifer Kenning, CEO & Co-founder, Align Impact
Jan Ståhlberg, Founder, Trill ImpactLightning

Lightning Talk #6:
Sofia Breitholtz, CEO, ReachForChange

17:00 Closing and Reflections on the Day
Aligning our giving journeys with what works: what have we learned from today’s discussions? Emily Bove will take us through a summary of the innovative and important ideas shared throughout the day and will invite us to act on some of the critical ideas that were presented during the Symposium.

17:15 – 19:00 SPS Bonuses – Private Walk-Through Following the Symposium
A Private after-hours tour of the Nationalmuseum’s collections led by Director General, Susanna Pettersson (Fully Booked – only for pre-registrants), plus a VIP reception courtesy of The Wineagency.