Tentative Agenda


Part 1 (9:00-12:00) Exploring Purpose and Impact on the giving journey


Session 1   Welcome Remarks


Session 2   Aligning Purpose and Leadership in Philanthropy

                     Dan Pallotta


Session 3   Purpose in service of ending inequalities

                     Tiffany Drake, Tubi Retta, Tara Abrahams, Brandee Butler

Part 2 (1:30-17:00) Exploring new philanthropic tools and giving mechanisms in the digital age


Session 1   Digital tools for digital philanthropy: exploring new frontiers

                     Lucy Bernholz, Phil Chow, Jane Meseck


Session 2   The momentum and opportunity of impact investing

                     Jennifer Kenning, Sonia Ben Ali, Anders Kristoffersen


Session 3   Closing Keynote


Exclusive viewing of Nationalmuseum’s collections
(participation limited to 20)