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Welcome to the 2014 Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium

Opening comments from the Symposium’s hosts.



Arts and Philanthropy

Opening speech by Daniel Birnbaum, Director Moderna Museet, (Museum of Modern Arts), in Stockholm. Moderna Museet is the national museum for modern and contemporary art in Sweden and has one of Europe’s most important collections. Philanthropic activities are nothing new at the museum. Moderna Museet has been highly successful in receiving impressive donations of works to the collection from private donors as well as support to major exhibitions from corporate sponsors over the past years.



The Future Started Yesterday

Opening Keynote Trista Harris An increasing rate of change makes the already challenging work of doing good, even more difficult. NGO’s, foundations, donors and social entrepreneurs all are trying to make the world a better place but are often using yesterday’s information to do so. What if we could predict the future and prepare for the coming realities that will impact our communities? Join Trista Harris as she takes us on an interactive journey where she’ll uncover tools to create the future.






Nya vägar för filantropin i Sverige



Morning Keynote: A Global Overview of Philanthropy

Som en följd av den tekniska utvecklingen har nya former av filantropi snabbt kommit att utvecklas. Allt fler aktörer inom näringslivet engagerar sig i projekt och processer som skapar mervärde både för företaget och kunderna. Samarbeten mellan aktörer från civilsamhället, näringslivet och det offentliga uppstår. “Crowdfunding” beskrivs som ett nytt fenomen, men är kanske bara en version av den folkhemsfilantropi som länge präglat svenskt givande? Panelen diskuterar nya vägar för givande och hur det påverkar Sverige. Tove Lifvendahl, författare, och politisk chefredaktör på Svenska Dagbladet Aurore Belfrage, Techentreprenör och medgrundare av Martin Borgs, författare och opinionsbildare, med egen erfarenhet av “crowdfunding” Hannah Hallin, koordinator för social hållbarhet på H&M



Society, Research and Philanthropy

The interest in philanthropy as a complement to public financing of research and higher education is receiving increased attention. New and innovative areas of research often get philanthropic funding, thus stimulating innovations, entrepreneurship, and economic development of the field and of the countries. Professor Filip Wijkström will present new results from a research program on Swedish foundations; how much is donated and to which causes? MATS HEIMAN, the founding Director of the Parkinson Research Foundation, will elaborate on why he and his wife decided to support the research on the Parkinson’s Disease and how this is incorporated in their philanthropic endeavors. Tobias Krantz, Head of Education, Research and Innovation at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise Former Minister for Higher Education. Agneta Stålhandske, Head of Research Support Office at Karolinska Institutet



The Nobel Prize – Gold Standard In Motion

The Nobel Prize is one of the most iconic brands in the world. How can it maintain that position and develop new activities to safeguard the economic value of the prize? Lars Heikensten, Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation



Legacy Planning: Wealth Management & Philanthropy

Together with wealth management experts, we will explore how individual philanthropic values, financial goals, and integrated wealth management strategies can lead the way to a meaningful legacy. Anders Scherlund, Head of Nordea Private Banking Sweden. Dr. Christer Dagnelid, Founder of Insamlingsstiftelsen Svensk Tandräddning, a foundation for Dental Aid in Sweden. Pernilla Frisk, Head of Legal Services, Corporate & Tax, Nordea Private Banking Sweden. Tonika Hirdman, Director General, Fondation de Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Caroline Törnqvist, Head of Family Law Department, Nordea Private Banking Sweden.





Afternoon Sessions 13:25 – 17:45


Getting The Most Bang For The Buck

Caroline Cederlöf and Pernilla Bard, Social Initiative. Listen to real life cases of results-oriented philanthropy models. You will be guided through the process of how to select social entrepreneurs and how to engage with them to achieve measurable social impact based on clearly defined goals.



Giving With Purpose

Rebecca Riccio, Director of Northeastern University’s experiential philanthropy education program, and creator of the online class “Giving With Purpose.” Special Guest: Hans Rosling, Director, Gapminder Foundation You will learn how you can best apply the RISE framework to your own giving. The four main elements of the framework are: Relevance, Impact, Sustainability, and Excellence in Management and Operations. Rebecca Riccio will also facilitate a discussion about how the lessons she teaches in “Giving With Purpose,” the world’s first massive open online course on effective charitable giving, relate to the work of one of Sweden’s most prominent families and the founders of Gapminder Foundation: Hans Rosling, his son Ola Rosling, and his daughter-in-law Anna Rosling Rönnlund. They will consider how philanthropists can use information to make more effective decisions about how and where to give and the unique role that nonprofit organizations can play in driving social change.






The Philanthropic Enthusiasm and Youth Panel

The importance of “giving back” and “paying it forward” are becoming the ethos of the educated, aware, empowered younger generation. Hear case studies from inspirational young leaders who are making a difference for future generations of their community. Jeronimo Calderon, Entrepreneur, Executive Director of Euforia, is creating a youth-led movement that transforms social change into a desired lifestyle for Generation Y. Jakob S. Lund, Founder, He focuses on social entrepreneurship, reconciliation in post-conflict areas and CSR partnerships. Golnaz Hashemzadeh, Co-founder Inkludera Invest. Uniting marginalized groups in the Swedish society and offering social entrepreneurs prolonged partnership. Johan Wendt, Founder Mattecentrum. Johan left his career as an engineer, to devote his time to helping young people to increase their knowledge and interest in mathematics.



Global Challenges and Solutions: Funding the “How” or the “Why”

Jakob von Uexkull, a writer, lecturer, philanthropist, activist and former politician. He served as a Member of the European Parliament 1987–1989, representing the German Green Party. In 1980, Uexkull founded the Right Livelihood Award, and in 2006, he co-founded the World Future Council.



The Changing Landscape of Finance for Development

How traditional donors have to rethink the drivers of development and the means to finance the challenges of tomorrow. SIDA’s Director General Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, on why Swedish development cooperation is focused on collaboration between many segments of society, including civil society, private companies and philanthropic institutions. Comments by Ruth Bränvall, Impact Invest Scandinavia.



Philanthropy 2.0: Educating the Next Generation of Givers

Keynote speaker Alex Buffett Rozek Education and philanthropy are evolving. At the same time philanthropy is benefiting from increased access to information, from the donors to the recipients. As a result, inefficiencies are being reduced thereby increasing the purchasing power of each philanthropic dollar. The Learning by Giving Foundation is a platform to think critically about effective charitable giving. This benefits society because it increases the purchasing power of finite resources and helps a generation of thoughtful givers think about how to make the biggest impact with their time and resources.



Complimentary Reception at Audiorama in Torpedverkstaden

Audiorama is Sweden’s premier venue for listening to music, sound art and ear plays. Following the Symposium, the audience is invited to tour Audiorama, a venue partly funded by philanthropist Per Josefsson.