It is not goodbye; it’s see you later.

Dear SPS community,

I’m writing to share the news that the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium is ending its decade long organizing of the yearly Symposium.

It has been a privilege to have played a pivotal role in planting the seeds for a new era in philanthropy in Sweden. Over the last 10 years, I have seen the field of philanthropy flower and spread in so many ways resulting in quite a bit of growth and expansion in my native country.

Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium has been a platform for gratitude, recollections, and cheerful exchanges. You’ve meet, connected, and shared stories with thought leaders, innovators, and changemakers who—like you—have continually encouraged us to be bigger and better. Your efforts allowed us to harness the power of partnerships, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

While the SPS in its current format is ending, we will continue offering small, specialized group events in the Nordics and the United States geared towards learning and expanding your philanhropists’ reach.

Finally, I am signing off with love and thanks to all of our contributors over time, and of course, to you, our loyal SPS friends.

O. Roger Svensson, Founder


Watch a 3-min video about us:

Hear from some of our speakers:

2019 Featured Speakers

We invite you to revisit our previous SPS and listen to all of the engaging speakers from our 2019 SPS.

Previous SPS Events

Thank you to all our attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors for being part of the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium. We brought together passionate speakers who contributed to the richness and diversity of the topics and the animated conversation between the participants spilled over to engaging “fika” breaks. Check out these videos from our plenary sessions!



Aligning Purpose and Impact in the Age of Digital Philanthropy

With recognized leaders in the digital and philanthropic space, the conversations were bound to inspire and engage. Tune into speakers such as Hélène Barnekow, CEO Microsoft and Lucy Bernholz, Director, Digital Civil Society Lab. Sr. Research Scholar, Stanford PACS exploring digital philanthropy and its newest frontiers.



Philanthropy for SDGs: How philanthropy can bring new tools in reaching the 2030 Goals

Philanthropists, change-makers, and social entrepreneurs talk about the future of philanthropy and how to support to the fight against poverty and inequality. How to build a philanthropic portfolio that matches your passion and how to engage in high-level processes like the SDGs are other topics on the agenda.



Americans’ Embrace Of (And Swedes’ Antipathy Toward) Philanthropy

Historically, the role of charity and philanthropy has been limited in Sweden, outdone by the growth of the welfare state, which put a premium on financing through taxes over private giving and on tax-funded social rights over charity and nonprofit ventures. Experts in this field such as Lars Trägårdh, Professor, Ersta-Sköndal, Dan Olofsson, philanthropist, Gunilla Carlsson, former Parliament member, and Tove Lifvendahl, SvD shared their views.



Role of Philanthropy in Addressing Today’s Global Challenges

Moderator Mia Obamas kicks off a day with innovators, adventurers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, asylum specialists, and business leaders from nearly every philanthropy industry to address two of our most pressing issues: the refugee crisis and climate change. Among speakers were Maura Pally Clinton Foundation, Arnaud Mourot, Ashoka, Sam Parker, Shell Foundation, and Sasja Beslik, Nordea.



21st Century Philanthropy: Making a Difference in a Complex and Connected World

A star-studded line up of speakers including Melinda Gates, Gunhild Stordalen, the late Hans Rosling, and the globally renown legend, Jane Goodall. Also hear from Barbara Newhouse, CEO at ASL Assoc, and the creative force behind the Internet phenomena Ice Bucket Challenge. Enjoy all the lively, intelligent, and entertaining discussions in this video.